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Autoresponders – Make Sure You Respond

Autoresponders – Make Sure You Respond

Autoresponders can be a great way to interact with customers in a hands-free way. It is ideally suited to providing visitors with a specialized ecource or newsletter. In fact, online businesses are finding autoresponders a wonderful marketing tool.

Many businesses use an autoresponder on email inquiries. However, there is a problem that can develop when using standard email autoresponders. The premise is that the customer can receive an immediate response letting them know the email has been received.

Often that email looks something like this…

“Thank you for contacting the XYZ Company. This is an automated response, but be assured we will respond to your email.

“We appreciate your contact and will be contacting you shortly.”

This sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? However, the problem comes when follow through on email inquiries are lax or a response is delayed.

If a customer (or potential customer) took the time to contact you they are looking for answers – now. If you don’t respond in a timely manner they will look elsewhere.

We’ve all received those autoresponder-generated emails. In some cases that original generic email is the only one the company ever sends. This gives a strongly negative impression of the company.

If you have use autoresponders for email please consider evaluating how effective you are at making sure those emails are responded to once the automated email is sent.

Customers often become customers based on their belief that you view them as something more than simply a means to derive an income. Does your email response allow those customers to envision you as the caring business owner you are or as someone unresponsive to their questions and concerns?

Follow through is a difficult proposition for any company, but it is vital when it affects the ongoing partnership you have with your customers.

Real estate businesses thrive on providing meaningful follow up with their customers. These customers can work with numerous real estate firms, so if they choose one to work with they want to be sure that their best interests are being fairly and completely represented.

This is the same idea for any business. Customers who have a positive experience with your company are more likely to come back again. So, if you use an email autoresponder make sure responses to those emails remains a high priority.

If you feel you are receiving too many emails spend some time improving your FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section and providing an email link to the answer in your FAQ section. You should also encourage visitors to visit your FAQ section first and then contact you if their question is still not answered.

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