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How To Make The Best Investment On An Heirloom Jewelry Peice (2)

How To Make The Best Investment On An Heirloom Jewelry Peice

A gift of jewelry is a very personal and potentially, costly gesture that can communicate a lifetime of sentiment. Whether you are preparing to shop for yourself or someone else, the information found in this handpicked selection of jewelry tips and tricks, is sure to help you make a more informed purchase.

If you are purchasing jewelry for a significant other, keep in mind the status of your relationship. A gift of jewelry may signify a change in the seriousness of your relationship that you are not ready for yet. Purchase a piece that is indicative of your current status with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

When you walk into a jewelry shop you are immediately approached by a salesperson. Do not be afraid to ask for a second to talk to your partner about this important financial decision. Take a few steps away from the glass and discuss they options without the salesperson whispering in your ear. Make sure that it is the decision you want to make.

There are many types of counterfeit pieces of jewelry. Always know how to spot a fake from the real thing. This could potentially save you a lot of money. Never buy something from the street and use a reputable dealer. You will save money and won’t have to worry about where it came from.

Deep, rich blue sapphires are commonly known as the birthstone for those born in September. Their dark, mysterious coloring is often thought to have protective powers over anyone who wears the gem in their rings, bracelets, or brooches. Blue sapphire nicely complements purples and deep scarlet accents and looks beautiful with all settings, but especially platinum or silver.

When buying jewelry for someone you love, find out what they’re favorite color is. Some people don’t like gold, or don’t like silver, or maybe they love the combination of red and gold. Look at the jewelry the person already wears, find out their favorite color, then combine the two!

When it comes to taking care of your jewelry, be sure that you take it off before using any sort of personal care products. This is important because items such as hair gel, hand lotion, and shaving cream can cause damage to your jewelry. This may either be permanent damage, or time consuming temporary disfigurement.

Buying used jewelry can be a great way to expand your options without spending a lot of money. Look for estate sales or yard sales. Depending on where you live, prices may be lower than antique stores (which use the name “antique” to charge a bit more). Browsing in person can be a fun way to find things you might not have thought to go looking for.

Educating yourself on the different types, styles, and price points available in the jewelry market, can help you to avoid a costly misstep. The advice in this article will make it easier for you to find the best piece of jewelry from the best seller, and of course, at only the very best price available.

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A New Type Of Philippine Real Estate Investment

A New Type Of Philippine Real Estate Investment

Enjoy ownership, luxury, & appreciation in a Condo Hotel vacation home! Considering retirement in a Tropical Climate For many British, Australians and Americans, retirement time is just around the corner. At home, with low interest rates and high cost of living, the prospect of trying to live on a pension, in old age, is a daunting one unless you are prepared to substantially downscale your lifestyle.

For some, moving to retire in another country is an option which has been successful in the past with Spain, Portugal, Mexico and Puerto Rico being among some of the more popular destinations. But why not consider retiring in the Philippines?

Over the past decade, the Philippines has become a retirement haven for thousands of foreigners, particularly the Japanese, Korean, and Northern Europeans. Along with Thailand and Malaysia, the Philippines developed communications, infrastructure, and service delivery systems specifically geared to meet the needs of foreign retirees. Better yet, unlike most European Countries and South America, nearly everyone speaks ENGLISH in the Philippines.

The Philippines offers a significantly lower cost of living. The Philippine Peso (PhP) exchange rate is approximately PhP 48 to $ 1.00 or PhP 96 to 1 Pound [Sterling (GBP)].

Housing, food, and labor costs are quite reasonable. A One bedroom condominium can be purchased for around $ 60,000 or GBP 32,500 or a Studio for only $ 34,000 or GBP 18,000 and one can dine out on average at a three star restaurant for less than PhP 500. If you hire domestic help, a private driver’s salary is approximately PhP 10,000/month, while trained housekeepers earn approximately -PhP 5,000/month. These salaries are lower if you live in the provinces.

Cable Television, Hi-Speed Internet and Satellite Communications are cheap. One can hire an air-conditioned taxicab for eight hours for less than .00. In a country where a provincial Governor’s salary is only PhP 28,000 per month and a Presidential Cabinet Under-Secretary earns PhP 35,000, your pension can go a long way. So, if you have a retirement income of approximately ,500 to ,000 per month (PhP 80,000 to 100,000) you can live quite well in the Philippines.

As for health care, most U.S. Health Management Organizations pay for medical expenses incurred in the Philippines. Check with your HMO. The Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs presently has a task force headed by former Secretary Roberto Romulo working to have the U.S. government accredit a number of first class Philippine hospitals for Medicare reimbursement. The Makati Medical Center, one of the nation’s best already has such accreditation. Unbeknown to many is that for years, citizens of nearby countries such as Thailand, Nauru, Tonga, Indonesia, and Malaysia have flocked to the Philippines for medical care, particularly sensitive surgical procedures. The quality of medical care at the better Manila hospitals such as the Asian, St. Luke’s, Medical city, Cardinal Santos, Philippine Heart Center for Asia, National Kidney Institute, and Makati Medical Center meets international standards.

A Japanese company is building a medical facility in Tagaytay city exclusively for Japanese nationals within the year. There are now close to 10,000 Japanese retirees in the country, and the number is growing annually.

The British government recently acquired a large tract of land in Fort Bonifacio to build a new Embassy. The British ambassador explained the larger facility is meant to help serve the growing number of British nationals retiring there as well. Japanese and Korean investment groups are buying homes and condominiums in Manila, and tracts of provincial land for retirees. This has caused a mini- Real Estate boom in the country. A retirement village exclusively for Japanese nationals already exists in Tagaytay, and more are planned. These are strong indicators of what is on the horizon

English is the Philippines’ official business language. Most of the people you will meet, from hotel workers, taxi drivers, sales or service people, government employees all speak English, or have a working understanding of it. The middle class speak English, without exception. All major newspapers and major broadcast companies use English. An English speaking visitor will never get lost in the Philippines. It is the universal use of that language that has been a strong incentive to foreigners. As well, communications links within the country and to other countries via the various commercial gateways is up to international standards. For example, the use of cell phones and text messaging is so common that housemaids, street vendors and food hawkers can be seen using their cell phones incessantly.

One will never want for adventure and sights to experience in the Philippines. There is always a colorful Fiesta, pageants, street festivals, and open public events going on. Lush with bountiful natural resources, one can enjoy the numerous beaches, resorts, golf courses, and play just about any sport, except skiing. There is an ice skating rink in Manila, though. Scuba diving and fishing are among the sports which draw the most number of foreigners to the rich aquatic offerings.

Shopping is the Filipinos’ second most popular activity, the first is eating. Manila is Asia’s undiscovered shopping Mecca. You will love the golden purple sunsets, the fragrance of the flowers at dusk, and the wonderful array of fruit and food. I used to enjoy watching the Sun set from the bar at the Philippine Cultural Center. There, you can listen to the Symphony, check out a play, or enjoy Grand Opera. There is just so much to explore and discover, especially in terms of nature, culture, and history. If you’re a betting man, there’s horse racing, the Jai Alai, numerous first class casinos, and of course, cock-fighting. Manila is well known for its exciting night life.

Beth Collingz

Director – PLC International Marketing Networks

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Buying Property Is A Huge Investment! Get Help Here!

Buying Property Is A Huge Investment! Get Help Here!

Suppose you are moving to a new town because you have just gotten a job there. How do you decide on the area where you want to live? The Chamber of Commerce can be a good place to start. They can give you information about a much wider area and put you in touch with accredited real estate agents.

When you get into the real estate market looking for a house to buy, do not be heartbroken if you miss a good opportunity. The market is vast, and there are lots of other properties for sale. Concentrate on finding a home even better than the lost one. There is always a bigger fish somewhere in the sea.

Drive through the city to find abandoned properties. If you find one that you want to purchase, you will need to find out who owns the property and whether they would consider selling it. Property tax information can be found online. If you do not have access to the internet you can consult your local tax office. With this information you can contact the owner to see if they’re willing to sell.

When at an open house, make sure to ask the selling agent a lot of questions. You do not want to get too attached to a home only to find out it does not have certain features you need or that it has certain things that you do not want.

Crime can be a major factor in the location you choose to purchase rental real estate property. Investigate the neighborhood through local police reports ,and request information about crime calls in the neighborhood. Do not rely on what the current owners are saying about the property and location.

Budget your time wisely. If your intention is to purchase a home and restore it, or repair or remodel it in a short period of time before re-selling the property, you need to pay attention to the time that the work on the property is taking. The problem that many first time investors run into with house-flipping is that they did not expect the work to take so long. When delays occur, and mortgage payments are accumulating in addition to the cost of materials and labor, it can definitely make for a stressful situation. Be realistic with estimates, and always have cash at the ready should you encounter an unexpected expense.

When starting the search for a new home, research the area to find the neighborhoods that you would be happy in. Make sure to check out crime statistics, school quality, and the areas walking score. If you have an agent, let them know the type of area that you are looking for and they can point you in the right direction.

You begin your search by broadly and gradually narroweing its focus. When you find a nice-looking neighborhood close to your new job, take a moment to walk around and get to know the area. Don’t hesitate to strike up conversations with neighbors asking about schools and so on. Once decided, you’ll just need to go to a real estate agent to check out listings in your chosen neighborhood so that you can find the best home for you with the best location!

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Panama Investment Opportunities

Panama Investment Opportunities

Introduction – Clients of our law firm frequently ask us what are the good opportunities for investment in Panama. This web page is probably a long time coming and here it is. Investments are rated by the number of stars *****, five is the best and one is the worst.

Real Estate Flipping * -This is buying a not yet completed condo or townhouse and selling it before it is completed. This gives you a gain (well you hope anyway) and the ROI (return on investment) is great since you only put up to 30% down. Many people we know are trying to sell their flip positions without success. Several large prominent real estate projects have failed to move forward to completion thus the speculators just tied up their capital for no gain and wasted their time and money. The clichés concerning panama real estate flipping would be as follows: If it was that good everyone would be doing it and If it is too good to be true it probably isn?t true.

Construction Raw Materials **** – Now you are talking about a good investment. There is still a tremendous amount of construction taking place in Panama and this is likely to continue for some years to come. All real estate construction materials are in short supply and prices are high. You can start with cement, go to marble, tile, etc and the preceding is all true. This is how one can make some serious money. Capital is required and one would import the raw materials required by the construction industry. We are a Panama Law Firm and we can assist clients strictly as your legal counsel, who wish to engage in such a business enterprise.

Construction Heavy Equipment **** – There is a shortage of all heavy construction equipment used in constructing high-rise residential buildings. It is all in short supply. You could import new or used equipment. You can rent it out by the day, week or month. You can also contract with developers over longer periods as well. The construction of the Panama Canal expansion has not even started yet and this should serve to increase the shortages.

Dump Trucks ***** – There is a serious shortage here. Some projects are severely backed up since they lack the trucks to haul away the dirt from the job site. These can be rented short or long term or supplied to developers on a long-term basis. You could supply, drivers, do the maintenance, have replacement trucks etc and make a fortune. You need not import new equipment; used equipment in serviceable condition would work fine. The developers are more interested in quick completion times than they are interested in extra truck expense costs.

Cement Mixer Trucks **** – Again another shortage, see above.

Expensive Horses *** – Panama has lot of them, many different breeds and at prices much below the North American market prices. This is simple for one in the business. Better yet set up a breeder facility in Panama taking advantage of low land cost and cheap labor and export the horses to the North American market at a tidy profit.

Customer Service Residential Businesses **** – Think of something all the foreigners moving into condos in Panama will want that is not already here and watch your cash register ring. The completed condos are about to occupy and more are completing monthly. This is an amazing market of high disposable income people, mostly without children in their home that are over 40. This one requires excellent marketing skills and is not for the me too businessperson. If you try competing against the locals in their business you will probably lose. You need to bring something new to the table and need to make sure it is not easily copied. Imagine the potential, all you need is the product that the people will want that no one else has in Panama. Of course our law firm can provide all the legal assistance you need.

Hard Money Lender*** – Want to loan money against houses, townhouses and condos this is the market. Imagine 30% to 40% down (60% to 70% LTV), 5 to 15 year mortgages at 3 points over bank rates which are currently in the mid sixes so you would be in the 9% + range. Strictly equity loans in first position giving you serious protection. Rates are currently not so exciting but servicing costs are low in Panama and you would run out of money before you ran out of mortgages.

Panama Web Hosting **** – There is a serious shortage of reliable web hosting companies, no shortage of bandwidth. Run in your lines to a secure facility. Have 24-hour camera surveillance of the site. Use swipe cards for all staff coming and going. Have 24-hour serious security. Promote it as such and you will have no shortage of customers.

Restaurants* – Forget this they come and go all the time. High failure rate, lots of competition.

Hotels *** – Shortage of real five star hotels. There are no real five stars using North American standards. What they call a five star here is at best a four star elsewhere. Good four-star hotels would also fare quite well since they are in short supply as well.

Alternative Health Care ***** – Big shortage, great demand. Come on down. Look into licensure first since that gets tricky.

Maids ***** – Panama currently has a serious shortage of maids. Think of a solution to this and clean up.

Please feel free to contact our law firm for any matter in which you require legal representation in Panama.

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Buying a House at Auction is Very Good Investment

Buying a House at Auction is Very Good Investment

All house prices are still rising popular areas, homes usually already under contract by the time the estate agent’s board goes up. People should also find another sources a part from estate agent

Every year around 40,000 properties are sold at auction in the UK – many at up to 30% below high street prices. Auction firms always focus on unusual, hard-to-value premises like churches and village halls, commercial lots with potential for change to residential property.Usualy properties which need renovation get sold though the auction. This is why most of the time you going to find yourself in competition with professional property developers.

To get property at auction requires very careful planning, full attention to details and good nerves.
If you succeed the reward – dream house at good price. But if you don’t do carefully groundwork then your bargain could turn out to be very costly under- the-hammer horror. It is worth know that some superficially good looking properties go to auction because they have hidden problems like dry rot, strict planning restrictions, bad neighbors

Where to start?

About 250 companies run residential property auctions every single year in the Great Britain. One, estate agent FDP Savills, holds ten national auctions a year in London and seven regional auctions. It says there is very strong demand for all types of property at auction and there is good market for flats and houses which requiring refurbishment.

Every auctioneer will send you catalogue for all coming auctions at list one month in advance. That is time for you to do you homework. Examine property; surround area to make sure it is suitable. It is also time to have the property surveyed. Ask you solicitor to check the title to the property and arrange mortgage for you. If you are successful buyer you need to plan to complete the purchase with in 25 days of the auction. The list of auctions you can easily find online. You also need to be ready to insure the property from the moment you get it.

Before you go to auction set your highest bid.

You need to estimate the total costs of decorating repairs, surveying fees, mortgage, legal and removals and any other expenses – and then work out how much you are willing to spend. Please do not forget buyer’s premium will add another 1.5 per cent on the top of selling price and also you need to pay stamp duty.

Pre-sale catalogue prices very often wildly below the real sale price to get buyers to auction. Property prices can go up and down throughout per-sale period. Please keep in touch with the agent. The actual price usually set on auction day and it will be 10 per cent
Of the reserve price which is minimum price the owner will accept. Once the price met reserve vendor legally obliged to sell the house to the highest bidder.

If you are successful bidder you will need to sign a legally binding contract after the auction also you need to pay ten per cent of the property price by cheque. Remember they do not accept cash.

Try to attend auction a few times before you start bid. It helps to get confidence. Check all local estate agent just to see at what price similar property have sold for.

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How To Make Money With A Simple Website About Land Investment

How To Make Money With A Simple Website About Land Investment

As Mark Twain himself said…”Buy land – they’ve stopped making it”.

Here are some powerful reasons why you should set-up your own land investment website:

· In the United Kingdom alone there is a MAJOR shortage of affordable housing and land. It’s become such a desperate situation that the British government have had to kick-start a multi-billion pound affordable housing campaign – the bottom line? There is going to have to be a HUGE amount of land purchased for all of these houses to be built. The U.K. is an island – and land is a highly finite and much needed commodity. Over the next few years, land for this reason alone is set to EXPLODE in value. Your Land Investment website will arm people with the most critical information that they MUST know in order to identify the most valuable land that will offer the best investment returns (there are as you may imagine several factors that land investors must consider before jumping in).

· While land is an investment that is not in the average investors portfolio, it has long been a valuable component in the “sophisticated investors” portfolio. In other words, the true elite have been profiting from land value gains for centuries. Now, this once guarded secret is being revealed by investment media (magazines & tv) which means that the average investor on the street is becoming more and more aware of land as a potential investment.

From our perspective as information providers this is huge – expect to see a sharp increase in the number of people searching for “land investments” online – expect to see more affiliate programs offering land investments – expect to see more advertisers bidding for land investment keywords… and yet right now the number of websites dedicated to land investments are *extremely* low – the ones providing valuable information (such as the optimised adsense website templates you will own) are far and few between. In the UK search that I performed practically all websites were nakedly trying to grab email addresses with one-page websites giving highly biased commentary on how wonderful land investment is (I urge you to try and find a decent website on this niche – they are pretty woeful and do not provide good balanced content).

Viewers don’t want this – they can see through such transparent ploys. You’ll be in pole position to offer them genuinely valuable information, better than anything they can find online elsewhere, and you’ll be able to offer them this information free. The result? They bookmark you & tell their mates. They come back. They sign for your newsletter. They click on your adsense displays while doing their research. They check out your affiliate links. They form a LONG-TERM BOND with you…and that’s where the real wealth lies.

· This is interesting (it sure surprised me) – Land in the UK has beaten the stuffing out of both real estate and the stock market over the past 20 years. In fact, during this time-frame land has increased in value by over. 900%.

· Land is a hands-off investment and there are no maintenance costs involved – unlike real-estate (which by the way is a wonderful investment option itself) the land owner does not have to worry about finding tenants or servicing a mortgage. Despite this, there are ways for land owners to achieve residual income on their land while it increases in value.

· There are certain techniques that are used to pin-point land to buy for investment that will have the explosive returns that we’re talking about. Your private label content & adsense optimised templates will disclose what these are (they combine certain logistical and demographic factors along with little known government plans among others.

· This is a sub-niche of the highly potent & cash-rich real estate market. I’ve said this a million times before but when choosing a niche you really need to target cash-rich markets with a lot of prospects. The Adsense website templates you’ll own have been built to tap in to not only land investment adverts but also real estate investment.

OK, we’ve touched on the reasons why land investment is bursting to the rafters with potential. This is a niche that will be potent for decades. Land is a highly finite commodity – and the population in places such as the UK are exploding (according to the UK office for national statistics the UK population is going to increase by over 6 million over a 25 year period)…do you really need to be a genius to know what that means when it comes to land ownership?

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Consumer 101 Ethical Investment

Consumer 101 Ethical Investment

Money Makes The Arms Go Round

Do you give money to the arms trade or to industries destroying our environment? Most of us would be shocked and indignant if accused of doing this. But traditionally, when we invest we give up the right to decide where our money goes and our hard earned cash could be propping up oppressive regimes without us knowing. Ethical investment gives us the chance to control the money we invest and prove that profit and principles can work together.

Ethical investment is not a new idea. The Quakers in the 18th century used it to make a stand against the slave trade refusing to invest money in any business linked to it. More recently it was used to attack South Africa’s apartheid with the state of California withdrawing billion from the country. With credentials like these it is easy to see why investment can be a powerful tool for social change.

Thinking ethically means not compromising on your values or your pocket. For example, the Ethical Investment Research Service concluded ethical funds have a lower total risk then those without ethical criteria.

There are broadly two types of ethical investing. The first is screening the companies you want to invest with to make sure their practices don’t clash with your principles. These can include bad environmental practises, the tobacco or alcohol industries, pornography, anti-trade union practises, or the arms trade. In addition to these concerns Muslims may prefer not to invest in financial institutions where there is interest-based gain. Secondly you may wish to actively channel your money to companies you approve of. These could be companies with good labour practices and safety records, organic farms or alternative energy companies, or those who benefit local communities.

An independent financial adviser will help you find companies, tailored to your specific agenda. You may, for example, want to prioritise not supporting companies who work with oppressive regimes, but mind less about investing in the tobacco industry. Or you may not mind about alcohol production but be vehemently opposed to your money funding environmentally irresponsible corporations. Whatever you decide independent financial help means you can place your money where it won’t damage your conscience.

Why not start with your bank? Smile.co.uk is the Internet bank of the co-operative bank. It not only has specific ethical and environmental policies, but also fantastic rates on current accounts. They also have a huge range of ethical investments options. Triodos bank only gives business loans to organisations involved in sustainable development projects and savers are given the option of specifically channelling their cash into their preferred sector, whether this is social housing projects or organic farming. The Ecology building society uses your money to provide mortgages for energy efficient houses, ecological renovation or for rescuing derelict properties.

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Rental Income Investment Property

Rental Income Investment Property

Many people dream of owning a vacation home. But often concerns about maintaining it, renting it out in the off-season, or even justifying the expense when it’s only to be used for a couple weeks of the year keep them from making the dream a reality. Now condo hotels, an innovative type of vacation home ownership, provide a welcome solution to all these problems.

Also known as condotels or aparthotels, condo hotels have been growing in popularity as an approach to owning a luxurious second home.

Condo hotel buyers purchase an actual condominium unit in an upscale hotel or resort. The property functions as a full-service hotel, and owners have access to all facilities, amenities and services just like hotel guests.

They receive a deed to their unit and can use their vacation home when they want. When not in residence, they can place their unit into the hotel’s rental program and share in the revenue it generates. Like most real estate investments, the owner can also sell his condo hotel unit at any time and may make a profit on its appreciated value.

Young professionals, baby boomers and seniors alike are just beginning to discover the benefits of owning a condo hotel unit. They appreciate the hassle-free nature of condo hotels as a second home in which a professional management company handles everything from property maintenance to finding hotel guests to rent the units. They also consider condo hotels a means to diversify their investments.

Condo Hotels Are Not Your Parents’ Timeshare

As hybrid properties, condo hotels differ from timeshares in a number of ways. With timeshares, buyers pay only for the right to use the property for a set amount of time each year, usually a single week. They don’t own the title to the property, and they do not receive any rent revenue for the weeks they’re not in residence.

Condo hotel owners can use their condos when they want throughout the year, within the guidelines of the individual development. They receive a percentage of any revenue their unit generates when they’re not there and the unit is rented out to hotel guests.

Timeshares traditionally diminish in value over time, rather than appreciate. While the history of condo hotel resales is rather limited, they are seen as an appreciating asset.

Condo Hotels Offer Facilities

How do condo hotels differ from owning a traditional single family house or condominium? Consumers who purchase a traditional condominium pay property taxes, insurance and maintenance fees, but typically don’t have access to hotel-type amenities.

Condo hotels, on the other hand, are not your standard second home. They are suites in a hotel designed condominium.

The properties often feature four- or five-star amenities, ranging from full-service spas and fitness centers to fully-equipped business centers and fine-dining restaurants. They also come with exceptional hotel services like concierge, valet and room service.

With condo hotels, owners reap the rewards of condo ownership while enjoying the privileges of a full-service hotel.

Condo hotel units range from studios and full-size apartments to luxurious penthouses and villas. Prices for these homes range from 0,000 to over one million for top properties.

Condo Hotels Generate Revenue to Cover Their Costs

What makes the condo hotel concept so appealing? When owners are not using their condo hotel unit, they have the option of placing it into the hotel’s rental program. They receive 60% of the revenue their unit generates with the balance going to the hotel operator. The revenue generated helps offset the costs of owning a holiday home.

While many hotel operators don’t guarantee the rental of the condo, by capitalizing on the hotel’s brand name, strong sales and marketing capabilities, centralized reservation system and management expertise, owners typically receive a higher level of rental income than they would from a traditional vacation home.

More importantly, ownership is 100 percent hassle-free, as the hotel operator takes care of finding hotel guests and maintaining the unit as well as managing the property’s many facilities.

Condo Hotel Expenses Are Shared

How are the ownership expenses split? As part of the rental agreement, the hotel pays for most operating expenses such as housekeeping, administration, sales and marketing. The condo hotel owner typically pays for real estate taxes, insurance and capital improvements. The rental revenue that owners receive helps defray these expenses and, in some cases, provides additional income.

Condo Hotels as Investment Tools

While developers primarily sell their condo hotel units as a lifestyle and vacation home alternative, many buyers see merit in the condo hotel concept as an investment tool. They say it gives them the best of both worlds. They can enjoy all of the benefits of vacationing in a first-class hotel while they own a property that has potential to appreciate.

For further information about Philippine condo hotels please do not hesitate to contact us:

Beth Collingz
PLC International Marketing Networks

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Advice That Will Help You In Your Property Investment (3)

Advice That Will Help You In Your Property Investment

Every real estate buyer would love to have a complete guide to buying a home, but it can be difficult to find accurate information. In this article, we’ll cover some of the best home-buying tips and tactics out there to help you when you’re ready to purchase some real estate. Do not act until you read this.

Be cautious when hiring a home inspector. Get recommendations from friends and family, and it is usually wise to hire your own inspector, even if the seller offers to have it inspected. Do not go with the first inspector you find, call and interview at least three so you can be confident in your choice.

Do careful research when you are thinking of buying a new piece of real estate. There are many things to consider like location, school rating, and walk-ability score. It is a shame when someone spends all their hard earned money on a property in a bad neighborhood, or one that is far from amenities.

If you want to save money, think about buying a home that needs a lot of repairs. The bad condition of a place makes its value go down significantly, so much that it might be interesting for you to pay for the repairs yourself. And perhaps you can even do part of the work yourself.

When selecting an agent to help you with your home search, ask them how many buying transactions they have been involved in. You want to work with someone who has dealt with hundreds of purchases, because they are more likely to handle your search and paperwork competently. If they fall short of the mark, see if there is a more experienced person in their office that they could work with.

When buying a property one should look for one that has a stream or river bordering or going through an area of the property. Having an attractive section of water nearby can increase the value of ones property, especially if it connects to a larger body of water.

When you place an offer on a house you are looking to buy, add certain disclosures to your offer. When you toured the home, you obviously looked at the walls, ceilings, floor, etc, but there are parts of the house that the seller knows inside and out that may pose problems to you later. If you assure that the seller discloses this type of information before the sale, you can decide if you want to pursue the house.

A home that is classified as a fixer-upper is not necessarily a bad home to buy. You can get it at a great price and the investment of some money can make it into the home that you have dreamed of. It is recommended to take an experienced rehab contractor along with you to find those potentially expensive repairs that you may miss.

Although what you’ve just read isn’t a complete step-by-step guide to purchasing real estate, it will still help you to shed some light on your dealings and help you to make the best decision possible. Just keep in mind that home-buying can be a tricky business. Use the tips you learned here to come out on top.

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Important Information To Know Before Making A Real Estate Investment (2)

Important Information To Know Before Making A Real Estate Investment

Are you tired of renting? Are you ready to take the first steps towards owning your own home? Your new home is one of the largest purchases you’ll ever make, and it’s not a decision to be taken lightly. In this article, you’ll find some tips that will help you make the right decision for you.

Let people know a rental property is under new management. If you are purchasing a rental property that is known for a bad reputation, consider more than just a name change. You will most likely want to open a marketing campaign that emphasizes new management, in addition to the name change.

Learn how to flip houses quickly. When purchasing a short-term property, your goal should be to sell the house as quickly as possible. For one thing, this will reduce your outgoing cash flow. One thing to remember is that you should quickly identify a list of necessary repairs. Invest as little cash as possible to complete those repairs, and then place the property back on the market. One rule of thumb is to make only cosmetic repairs, so that the property is more appealing to prospective buyers.

Before you start looking for a home to buy, make sure you have enough cash to cover the down-payment and closing costs. While some lenders will loan up to 95% of the purchase price, it’s smart to have at least 20% of the price of the home you hope to purchase ready for these costs.

Before you invest in a home for you family, do not just look at the house itself, but also do some research on the neighborhood. Neighborhood characteristics that are considered desirable, like good schools, convenience to shopping, and low crime rate are usually good indicators that the home will be a good investment.

To know how much you have to spend for a new home, get a real estate agent to give you an estimation of the value of your current home. You should also visit a bank and find out what kind of loan or other forms of financing you can get for a new home.

When looking at real estate one should keep an eye out for things that may not seem as important but will add up to greater value on the purchase. Choosing a property with certain characteristics such as new appliances or a furnished patio may save one money down the line.

When looking to buy real estate a great tip is to plan ahead. This will allow you time to save plenty of cash to make a meaningful down payment. Because the mortgage is spread over such a long period there is a hefty interest charge, the larger upfront down payment the smaller the interest charge, and the smaller your monthly payments.

Buying a new home can be scary, but it can make your life better in a number of ways. While finding the right home isn’t an easy process, the advice in this article will make the experience run a little smoother. With these tips, you’ll be the proud owner of a new home in no time.

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