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What Makes You An Expert Anyway?

What Makes You An Expert Anyway?

A few months ago, my husband wanted to learn more about using real estate to build our wealth. So, he hopped on our computer, visited web sites, looked at discussion boards, and scanned newsletters to see who the real experts were. After asking around and doing some research, he was impressed with William Bronchick and John T. Reed’s for their advice and strategies. On the other hand, while there is a lot of hype about Robert Kiyosaki, when it came right down to it, people said his information was mostly inspirational and lacked practical strategies. So after getting a better sense of who the real experts were, he was off to get some books and start building our family fortune.

Have you bought any good books lately? If so, what inspired you to buy the book? Chances are that you didn’t just browse around in a bookstore and buy a book on the spot. I’ll bet that there were a lot of exposures that went into you deciding to make that purchase. You may have read about the book in a newsletter. Perhaps you saw the author on a television show. Much of our decision purchases come down to one decision: does the author have real credibility?

The same is when speaker’s bureaus and corporations want to hire speakers. Let’s face it, meeting planners want to look good.

Budgets are tight. They want an expert who delivers measurable results.

No one will risk hiring you unless you have a proven reputation and the credentials to back it up.

This puts authors and speakers in a defensive position. With so many consultants, authors, and speakers claiming to be gurus, how can you prove that you are the expert you say you are?

Here are three ways to you showcase your expertise and be irresistible.

=> METRICS: Personal brand metrics provide a yardstick from which prospects can measure your experience and expertise. Examples of metrics include the number of years of experience you have, number of interviews done, number of books sold, and other items. These numbers add instant credibility to your bio, media platform and other marketing materials.

=> ROI: A listing of results achieved for clients shows that what you preach brings measurable results for real people. You can feature work with one of your clients in a case study with before and after results. By showing that you have made a ,000 difference to their bottom line, helped them realize a 25% increase in sales, or tripled their web site traffic, anyone can see that you deliver proven results.

=> TESTIMONIALS. While people may doubt when we toot our own horn, they will readily believe a heartfelt recommendation. Collect and showcase testimonials from customers you have worked with, people who have read your book, and audience members who have seen you speak.

Letters from radio show hosts will position you as a good guest in the eyes of producers. Glowing words of praise from people who hired you to speak can go a long way to show potential decision makers that deliver one heck of a presentation. Post book reviews from the media on your web site. Or why not use your customer’s own spoken word as a recording on your web site?

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